Saturday 28/05/2022 from 22:00

Caribe is an international group focusing on the music of Latin America and Cuba, particularly salsa. The musical core of the group are the singers and brothers Ivar and Felix Aquirre (originally from Bolivia), who will enchant you with their temperament and showmanship. The band performs both at home and abroad, having won the title “Salsa Group of the Year” at the Prague Latin Awards in 2003. The repertoire consists of Latin-American and Cuban hits – salsa, bachata, son, cha-cha and bolero – as well as songs of famous artists such as Carlos Santana, Gypsy Kings, Michel Telo and Manu Chao. (voc; trp; trb; p; b; kongas; timbales; bongas).

Admission: seated 370 Kč, standing 250 Kč.There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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latino & afrocuban music
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