Mirka Novak & Edward Miles – New CD Release

Mirka Novak & Edward Miles – New CD Release

Tuesday 01/11/2022 from 20:00

Live, looper created vocal lines will reach a new dimension of genre in this colorful project by Mirka Novak during her ongoing tour. Rhythmic parts created in unison by American drummer Edward Miles broaden the vocal landscapes; Mirka and Edward both loop in managed improvisations in real time in front of the audience. They have united their creative potential several times during Mirka's music travels around the USA. The tour follows the release of Malbum by the Czech singer, released on the Slovakian label Hevhetia. Every single composition on this debut tunes into human moods, personality,  and speech by applying vocal melodies without words. Malbum features guest appearances by friends, artists, and colleagues such as vocalist Ridina Ahmedová, Loop Station World Champion Endru and multi-instrumentalist Zdeněk Bína from the band minus123minut.

Mirka Novak is a Czech singer and vocal coach with fifteen years of experience in soul, R&B and jazz. In 2016 she founded the singing school Studio Zpěv Plzeň attended by more than 100 students so far. Her main idea is to bring to her Czech students her experience  from her diverse musical collaborations. Mirka keeps friendships with US artists she has met during her travels around America in the past 10 year. This half year she has spent in NYC, Boston, Washington D.C. and Austin and there she led a workshop together with Victor Wooten - five times awarded bass player. Among others Mirka performed a few concerts based on her planned album together with Marcus Miller´s pianist Federico G. Peňa and Betty Carter's double bass player Tarus Mateen.

Edward Miles is an American drummer, singer, percussionist, songwriter, and record producer. Since 1990 Miles has performed domestically and abroad (in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland). Ed has performed for 150 000 people and recorded with artists from many different genres from blues with Chris Duarte, country with Gary P Nunn, reggae with Sol Tribe, to soul music with Greyhounds or Afropunk with Diasporic. This musical chameleon has earned his reputation for musicality and groove. Currently, Ed expands the musical palette with an innovative, hybrid acoustic-electric approach to drumming performance. Since 2018 till present Ed performs live shows, recording support for various artists, production and works on his own recordings. He plays acoustic and electric drums, various drum pads and uses looper.

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: mirkanovakmusic.com

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