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AI Jazz
Crystal Ball's Quartet of Freedom
TooT Ensemble
Mladí ladí jazz

Wednesday 29/09/2021 from 21:00

AI Jazz (jazz - electronics)

Wild music experiment. This is how melodies generated by artificial intelligence could be called based on data from hundreds of jazz compositions, which were subsequently arranged by the young composer David Le Cam for a six-member jazz ensemble. A short lecture defining AI Jazz will take place as part of the music presentation.


Crystal Ball's Quartet of Freedom (jazz)

To spread my musical message, I chose four jazz artists as my heralds. Their the names are George called Pokorný, quickly touching the keys, Peter called Balhar, whose rhythm determines quartet, David Le Cam from distant Brittany, who plays the saxophone, and Michal nicknamed Haluzák, emitting the bass tones. In my free captivity, they have been retelling the strange stories I whisper to them for two years now. I intend to continue to lend them my crystal clear sound!

TooT Ensemble (brass house/acoustic techno)

A Prague original “New wave marching band” founded by David Lomic (Tygroo, Nerez) is inspired by electronic dance music and, mainly, the contemporary wave of bands performing EDM live - such as Meute, Moon Hooch, or Too Many Zooz. The dense and uncompromising sound of our 6-strong-brass and 3-strong-drum ensemble creates the kind of immersive energy that will catch you and not let you go.

Admission: Students under 26 years: CZK 140, Adults: CZK 190, Seating: CZK 240


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