Barabas Lőrinc (HU) + badfocus (CZ):Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Barabas Lőrinc (HU) + badfocus (CZ)
Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Wednesday 24/11/2021 from 20:00

Barabas Lőrinc (HU) (jazz – electro)

Trumpeter and producer Barabás Lörinc has been in recent years an important jazz figure at the edge of electronic music and an inciter of the improvisational music scene in Budapest. His solo project combines dance groove, meditative moods, and all modifications between these two positions. He masters keyboards, trumpet, effects and looping on stage at the same time. His concerts are always an exciting journey through unexpected modern tribal areas

badfocus (CZ) (jazz – electro)

The project of nineteen-year-old Prague producer, composer and instrumentalist Prokop Korb is strongly influenced by many genres from classical music through electronics, hip hop to indie pop. He creates a completely unique sound in each song, free from genre conventions and traditional methods. In 2020, he managed to release his first EP called ep1 and his debut album wallflower..

Whole evening admission: under 26 - CZK 150, older than 26 - CZK 250. Seating one price: CZK 380.

At the entrance: under 26 - CZK 190, older than 26 - CZK 290. Seating one price: CZK 380.

According to the order of the government of the Czech Republic, entry to the concert is limited by valid regulations. We ask each spectator to present a confirmation at the entrance to the club that he/she has been vaccinated or that he/she has already contracted Covid-19 in the last 180 days. The PCR test is also recognized in people who have started vaccination. Thank you for your understanding!

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