Namby Pamby Boy (AT):MLADÍ LADÍ JAZZ 2018

Namby Pamby Boy (AT)

Friday 13/04/2018 od 20:00

Namby Pamby Boy is the name of the Austrian band that grew out of the desire of saxophonist Fabian Rucker, pianist Philip Nykrin and drummer Andreas Lettner to transcend genres and categories. They are highly skilled improvisers, combining extensive influences from hip-hop to rock. The embrace of popular music brings a fizzling energy and an emotional immediacy to their songs. The band excels at producing not only moody, downbeat riffs but also more up-tempo catchy numbers that reflect their love of dance music. The heavy, chunky backbeats of Cronuts and the bass keyboard locks of Nykrin create a solid bed on which Rucker’s infectious saxophone can heartily bounce as Gummy bears. They have collaborated with an impressive array of artists including Charlie Hunter, Bobby Previte, Christian Muthspiel, Julien LePlay and Paul Gulda. Prick up your ears in Jazz Dock on Friday, April 13!

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postmodern groove jazz
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