Nikol Bóková Trio:JAZZ ON5:

Nikol Bóková Trio

Monday 08/11/2021 od 19:00

Nikol Bóková is a remarkable young pianist. She is devoted mainly to the performing of classical music, but she is also one of the most talented authors on the present jazz scene. In her music, she draws on her original professional training as a classical pianist, and in an original way, she combines the genre of jazz, classical music, pop, and minimalism. Within the two years, she recorded three studio albums, which meet with highly positive reviews. She recorded the albums Inner Place (nominated for the Anděl Award in category Jazz) and Unravel (nominated for the Jantar Award in category Soloist of the year) with her trio – Martin Kocián (double bass) and Michał Wierzgoń (drums). Nikol Bóková Trio won the first prize on Central European Jazz Showcase 2021. On the third author's album, Prometheus, Nikol invited for collaboration the world-recognized musicians – Radek Baborák (French horn), David Dorůžka (electric guitar), and Jaromír Honzák (acoustic bass).

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