Crossover Quintet feat. Olicía

Crossover Quintet feat. Olicía

Friday 11/11/2022 from 19:00

Olicia (D) - looping creates a transcendental mood in which the audience can’t help but move and dig into our world of smooth basslines that team up with wild percussions and the voices in all kinds of colours. It’s what we call electronic handmade loopjazz since all the sounds are live and created in the moment, no cheating, no backing tracks. Both of us, Anna-Lucia and Fama, are educated as Jazz vocalists and musicians. We’ve been playing together since 2017 and we are in that process of learning new skills every time we see each other. In the beginning looping and the technical aspect of our music were hard to overcome, but we did it and we learned how to deal with a machine when it comes to making music and creating emotions. For us music is an organical form of selfexpression and a looper can be part of that process. Olicia combines these influences in lyrics, music and the approach to music in general. We know how important it is to make music, articulate different subjects through music and express ourselves with an instrument or simply the voice as the most approachable instrument ever.

Crossover Quintet (CZ) - the project is based on Marek Novotný's  compositions, which combines the principles of a classical and jazz music in a distinctive way. Members of the ensemble are: Pavel Hrala  violin/viola,vocal),Anna Calhouse (cello, vocal)  Also, double bassist Max Makagonov (graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory), singer Josefina Čermáková (graduate of the Prague Conservatory) and pianist Marek Novotný (graduate of UMASS USA jazz composition). The repertoire is built on the basis of a classical piano trio and enriched with double bass and the beautiful voice of Josefina Čermáková. This combination creates an original concept of concert song with a strong element of vocal arrangements, where all members of the ensemble are not only instrumentalists but also vocalists.

Admission seating CZK 350, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

The Czech-German Jazz Meeting is supported by the Czech-German Fund for the Future

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