Pavel Zlámal & PQ

Pavel Zlámal & PQ

Thursday 12/10/2017 od 19:00

Originally a virtuoso classical clarinetist, Pavel Zlámal studied and focused his attention on contemporary and experimental music with a strong focus on free improvisation. As a versatile player and improviser, he has earned his multi-genre experience, performing with musical groups in the field of serious, popular, jazz and experimental music. In addition to solo concerts in the field of contemporary and experimental music, he collaborated with musicians such as Rod Paton, David Dorůžka, Bernadette Zeilinger, Peter Graham, Nicolas Collins, Hilary Jeffery, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Dag Magnus Narvessen, Chris Heenan, and Ivan Palacký. Eventually, a permanent improvisation duo was formed with bass player George Cremaschi (USA). P. Zlámal is also the founder and leader of his own groups: Next Phase (avant-garde jazz), Brno Improvising Unit (experimental music) and Divergent Connections Orchestra (orchestra for controlled improvisation). His new quartet PQ plays exclusively original music and is composed of leading Brno players: Pavel Zlámal - sax, Martin Konvička - p, Juraj Valencik - db, Václav Pálka - dr.

Admission seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

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