Purple is the Color (A/CZ)

Purple is the Color (A/CZ)

Monday 30/03/2020 od 19:00


The band’s music borrows from the rich jazz quartet tradition, but doesn’t shy away from incorporating elements of pop and folk music, weaving it all together into a modern soundscape. In that sense, one could say that there is something distinctly European about their sound, one that stems from an eclectic mix of cultures as well as a strong classical music background—more so than from a blues-driven tradition as is the case of many American bands. European also in that it embraces the serious and the whimsical, treating them both as different sides of the same coin. This might also be the reason behind the group’s name and their reluctance to label themselves as a “jazz band.” Purple can only exist as a result of the combination of blue and red. In the case of the band, their music is the result of equal parts composition and improvisation. On one hand, there is an ethereal and expansive quality to their music, present in the form of beautiful melodic lines played with utmost clarity and no sense of haste. On the other, an interplay of driving and grounding grooves that sometimes lead to short interludes of intended chaos. The four blend together perfectly, having found a common language that is contemporary, but nevertheless warm, and that allows each musician to explore at their own pace. Purple is the Color hits all the right notes when it comes to finding the right flow between composition and improvisation – this is a group with a strong individual sound and most definitely a band worth keeping an eye on!

Simon Raab – p; Štěpán Flagar – sax; Martin Kocián – b; Michał Wierzgoń – dr.

Admission: seating CZK 250, standing CZK 150. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: www.purpleisthecolor.com

contemporary jazz
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