Ray Aichinger European Quartet (SWE/A/CZ/SK)

Ray Aichinger European Quartet (SWE/A/CZ/SK)

Sunday 10/06/2018 od 21:00

Ray Aichinger, among the most respected saxophone players in Austria, Mattias Nilsson, the award-winning pianist from Sweden, and Štefan Bartuš, the well-known Slovakian bass player join the prominent Czech drummer Martin Kleibl. To a perfect mix of melodies from jazz, pop and the movies, they add songs from Austria, Sweden and Czech, as well as their own originals. This is a rare musical friendship based on a mutual respect for the true listener.

Ray Aichinger – sax; Mattias Nilsson – p; Štefan Pišta Bartuš – b; Martin Kleibl – dr.

Admission seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170.

Band website: www.rayaichinger.com

modern jazz
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