RGG Trio (PL)

RGG Trio (PL)

Wednesday 06/12/2017 od 19:00

Since 2001 the RGG trio has been increasingly identified with the European taste for improvised music. Their music is dedicated to the active intellect – that’s how the members of RGG characterize their work. Indeed, you have to listen to RGG’s music, and only when you dedicate your full attention do new musical worlds open up, being created by the sounds of this unusual piano trio. Unusual, because in the thirteen years of their existence, they’ve managed to create their own unique style – not just a piano accompanied by a rhythm section, but three equal musicians who together create a single musical story. Łukasz Ojdana – p; Maciej Garbowski – b; Krzysztof Gradziuk – dr.

Admission seating CZK 250, standing CZK 180.

Band website: www.rggtrio.com

contemporary jazz
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