Richard Bona & Jazz Dock Orchestra:JAZZ OF FOUR CONTINENTS

Richard Bona & Jazz Dock Orchestra

Monday 13/06/2022 from 21:00



After some time, African phenomenon Richard Bona is looking forward to being back in Prague and this time also his Czech teammates. We are looking forward to his show balancing between jazz, funk and world music, for the first time surrounded by the Jazz Dock Orchestra big band.

Bona’s father was a singer and percussionist, his mother a singer—so Richard has been intensely involved with music since childhood. The talents he was blessed with were thus able to develop successfully. At the age of four, he began to learn to play the balafon and by five he was performing at the local church. Because his family was poor, he made most of his own musical instruments, including a flute and a guitar—a guitar which had strings strung across the tank of an old motorcycle. He started playing guitar at eleven and hasn’t let go since. His love for the sound of strings persisted. Bona worked or continues to work with jazz musicians such as Pat Metheny, Bobby McFerrin, Mike Stern and Steve Gadd. Touring with Pat Metheny Group became a bit of a turning point in his career. Through them, Bona rose to the top of pop jazz and world music. In short, everyone could see that his phrasing and energetic bass equilibristics were inimitable. In his own projects, he shows himself to be a skilled multi-instrumentalist and charismatic vocalist. He sings in English, French, Douala and, as he showed in his last Brno performance, he is not afraid of Czech either. At JazzFestBrno in the past he performed with Mandekan Cubano, a band inspired by Cuban musical tradition, and also with his home multi-genre Richard Bona Group, in which he plays not only bass guitar, but also balafon, percussion and guitar. Teaming up with the Czech ensemble Jazz Dock Orchestra is a new source of inspiration for Bona, and we’ll get to enjoy another of his musical faces.

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