Romacaleo & Terne Čhave (UK/CZ/PL/IRE)

Romacaleo & Terne Čhave (UK/CZ/PL/IRE)

Friday 08/09/2017 od 20:00

Romacaleo is a Gyspy Jazz and Klezmer project formed in Scotland in 2015 upon the chance meeting of Martin Fell with Polish Roma musicians Krystian Grynicz and Dariusz Szoma. Brought together through their mutual love of jazz and respect for each other’s music, they reconnect the cultures of the Jewish and Roma peoples separated since World War II. Until 1939, Jewish and Gypsy music developed in Central and Eastern Europe side by side, both having originated in the East, Israel and India respectively.  Jewish, Roma and Gojim musicians would often play in each other’s ensembles at weddings and celebrations, learning each other’s ideas and bringing those influences into their own culture. This cross pollination resulted in many common features which can be found in Gypsy, Klezmer and East European folk music today. Martin Fell (UK) –  cl; Dariusz Szoma (PL) –  g; Krystian Grynicz (PL) –  acc, g; Conor Murray (IRL) –  b; Ruaridh Geddes (UK) – vln.


Terne Čhave are one of the oldest and most famous Roma bands from the Czech Republic. Touring all over Europe, wherever they go, people dance. Terne Čhave are well known for their distinctive sound blending Central European traditional gypsy music with rock, ska, klezmer, funk, blues and other influences. To name the band's style isn’t easy – they don’t worry about style at all and you won’t have time to worry because most of their songs run at the devil’s tempo. But if you can’t stick it out without giving their style a name, we can clue you in that this is the real gypsy-ska-rock’n’roll – or simply ... IT’S ONLY ROM’N’ROLL!!!

Whole evening admission: seating CZK 400, standing CZK 250.

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gypsy – jazz – klezmer
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