Rosario Smowing

Rosario Smowing

Saturday 03/08/2024 from 21:00

Eight Argentineans in all black suits. One singer – Diego Casanova – his appearance, a visual reminiscence of Tom Waits and Vinico Caposella, and a live show that has yet to be paralleled, winning audiences over instantly.

Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, this seasoned and celebrated band has been touring for more than 20 years worldwide. The 20th Anniversary tour was meant to bring them back to Europe in 2020. But history turned out differently. Now, however, after two years of a forced break, Rosario Smowing finally returns to Europe! Their "Swing Argentino" is guaranteed to keep the party jumping and blends a variety of danceable styles of music of the 40s, 50s and 60s, mixing swing, ska, jazz, dixie and rockabilly with mambo, bolero and tango – all wrapped up in one. No doubt that this self-styled "Rock-Big-Band" is guaranteed to keep the party jumping! Their songs, written by the front man and former punk-rock singer, Diego Javier Casanova, are essentially based on typical tango lyrics, blending in nicely with the "Swing Argentino" in a fresh yet very Argentinean way. Rosario Smowing is enjoying great success in Argentina, embraced by the media, live as well as on TV. With six records and 20 years of performance experience under their belt, they are a well-known act within the independent scene.

"Their concerts are everything but nice and orderly milongas – the eight guys continue to get the party started. Whether in in the club or at home playing their music "only" from CD, sitting still is impossible, unless you have a heart of stone." –

Admission: in pre-sale for standing 380 CZK and at the venue on the day of the concert for standing 450 CZK. For seating only a few seats at high tables for two on the sides for 1100 CZK/1 place.

No club discounts. Thank you for understanding.

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Rosario Smowing

03.08.2024 21:00

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