Sépie Z hor ft. Ochepovski:Album release "Děj Se Vůle Soží"

Sépie Z hor ft. Ochepovski
Album release "Děj Se Vůle Soží"

Tuesday 08/03/2022 from 20:00

Sépie Z hor is a band consisting of four good friends and excellent musicians. It has been gradually forming over the past five years and has performed in various places and cities all across Central Europe. In the last two years, the band settled on its current form, which includes bass guitar, saxophone, cajon, violin, and drums. The music is based on improvisation, experimentation, and the intricate recursion of motifs. It is infinitely inspiring and energetic, as well as very pleasant to dance to. The band achieves its unique sound by combining traditional instruments with effects. There is only one Sépie Z hor, and it sounds different each time you hear it.

Dalibor Pelc  – b; William Valerián  – sax, ewi; Tomáš Havlínek  – vln; Denis Sova – dr, Igor Ochepovski – g.

Admission seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

From each ticket will be donated CZK 10 to the public collection "SOS Ukraine", which takes place under the auspices of People in Need organization.

Band website: www.facebook.com

jazz - groove - electro
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