Sergio de Lope cuarteto (E) :Festival Iberica

Sergio de Lope cuarteto (E)
Festival Iberica

Saturday 30/06/2018 od 19:00

Sergio de Lope is undoubtedly among the best flute players in flamenco today. The proof happened once again in one of Europe’s most prestigious competitions, Festival de las Minas en la Unión, where he received the highest award last year. Sergio de Lope is a musician with an impressive flamenco feeling and pulsing, flawless compás which is the alpha and omega of flamenco. This young Andalusian musician comes to the Czech Republic for the very first time, where, at his concert in Prague, he will introduce his instrumental quartet.

Admission: seating CZK 250, standing CZK 150. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

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