Julián Teubal & Sin Rumbo  (ARG/CZ)

Julián Teubal & Sin Rumbo (ARG/CZ)

Thursday 10/08/2017 od 22:00

Julián Teubal & Sin Rumbo is a musical project that joins musicians of different nationalities who meet once a year to play the music of an argentinian pianist and composer Julián Teubal who lived in Prague between 2001 and 2010. It is difficult to define the ensamble’s repertory: Teubal’s compositions combine the influences of the new tango, jazz and music of various cinematic composers such as Michael Galasso, Ryuchi Sakamoto and Michael Nyman. In the concert that will take place in Prague on the 10th of August in Jazz Dock, Teubal is going to present his last record Incidental Music (2) that consists of compositions that he made for different theatre, dance and cinema projects. He will be accompanied on this special date by: Shintaro Mizuno and Veronika Vališová (violin), Marek Štefan (bandoneon) and Tadeáš Mesany (double bass) (p, vln, vln,band, b, voc).

Admission seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

Band website: www.facebook.com

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