Live music returns to the Jazz Dock!

During the concerts, the safe spacing of the visitors will be maintained. Every day, the entire hall will be disinfected with ozone.

Sto zvířat: KB Acoustic stage (natáčení Óčko)

Sto zvířat
KB Acoustic stage (natáčení Óčko)

Sunday 13/10/2019 od 21:00


After a long year’s wait, the legendary Czech ska band Sto zvířat (“One Hundred Animals”) will perform at our club! It will be a special concert with TV filming. On the scene for over twenty years, the music of Sto zvířat is bursting with energy, humor, great lyrics, improvised solos and an all-around good mood. You can listen or dance, but you won’t sit still! Don’t miss this evening of hard-driving skank and bang, the best rock steady rhythms this side of Kingston! (voc; voc; perc; g; keys; voc; bsax; tr; trp; b; d).

Admission: seating only CZK 600. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for understanding.  

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