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Sto zvířat

Sto zvířat

Wednesday 01/02/2023 from 20:00


After a long year’s wait, the legendary Czech ska band Sto zvířat (“One Hundred Animals”) will perform at our club! It will be a special concert with TV filming. On the scene for over twenty years, the music of Sto zvířat is bursting with energy, humor, great lyrics, improvised solos and an all-around good mood. You can listen or dance, but you won’t sit still! Don’t miss this evening of hard-driving skank and bang, the best rock steady rhythms this side of Kingston! (voc; voc; perc; g; keys; voc; bsax; tr; trp; b; d).

Admission: standing only: CZK 380. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding.

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