Swing Session

Swing Session

Sunday 03/03/2024 from 20:00

The Swing Session group plays swing of the 1930s in an authentic performance inspired by hot jazz of the 1920s and with a slight nod to the 1940s - music pouring joy, new life force and optimism into the veins. They are a well-coordinated six musicians with great erudition and lifelong experience in this field, as evidenced by engagements in major ensembles of this genre (Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, Jazzfonický kvintet, Classic Jazz Collegium, Melody Makers...), their own projects (The Hottentots Orchestra, Harlemania), film and theatre music (Hello Dolly, Chaplin, My Fair Josephine... TV: There Were Five of Us, music for evening cartoons...), appearances in films (Burning, Hubert the Handsome, The Last Butterfly, Panopticon of Prague, Lída Baarová, The Gardener, The Golden Stunt, The Monster...), theatre plays (The Well-Paid Walk (ND), Cabaret, Deburau - Mladá Boleslav Theatre). In 2020, the group released an album called Sing Session - At Sundown.

Zbyněk Malý – vln; Marek Rejhon – g; Jakub Šafr – p; Petr Pospíšil – b; Petr Jambor – trp; David Maxa – dr; Karolína Otevřelová – voc.

Admission: CZK 350, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.


Band website: www.facebook.com

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