Monday 09/04/2018 od 19:00

Talaqpo is a Prague-based quartet led by singer-composer Lucie Páchová with Mitakuye Oyeasin on violin, Šimon Marek on violoncello and Jan Chalupa on drums. They have already released two albums of original compositions combining world music, jazz, experimental music, minimalism, free improvisation, art rock and musique concréte. The music of Talaqpo is inspired by Balkan, Indian and Arabic, as well as traditional Inuit music. Their latest project was created after a one-year residency in India where composer Lucie Páchová studied the tribal music of the state Orissa and the classical Carnatic music of Tamilnadu. For this special concert Talaqpo will feature famous Czech pianist Vojtěch Procházka. Such a combination of five distinctive musicians guarantees a uniquely unforgettable evening (voc; vcl; dr; p).

Admission: seating CZK 250, standing CZK 150. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Links to albums: http://harokatalaqpo.bandcamp.com   http://talaqpo.bandcamp.com/

Band website: talaqpo.bandcamp.com

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