Terra Profonda

Tuesday 23/11/2021 od 21:00

In 2012 decided palermitano singer-songwriter Lo Buglio Vincenzo to find special partners for presenting his compositions conceived by blues, folk and American roots music. A trio soon established with traditional Hungarian folk and contemporary musician Krisztián Kiss and jazz-bassist Mátyás Szabó, who proved to be perfect matches. The Sicilian frontman’s intense presence, the shamanistic force and finesse of the music conjures a ritual from every Terra Profonda con-

cert. Among the songs, we find visceral rhythm and blues coquetting with avante-garde, beautiful ballads burying tormenting romances, and even solo vocal performances. Their sultry, passionate, dramat-ic pieces are breaking with conventional sound and popular music forms. Terra Profonda is for those who are more into bats than lions in a zoo. The saxophone and the Irish bouzouki, the Moldovan koboz and the bass ripen into organic material in their music. Their unique and unusual compositional method witness Ali Farka Touré meeting Tom Waits and members of Muzsikás and Wovenhand cheering Van Zandt over a glass of wine. Vincenzo’s warm, hoarse baritone has

tales to tell about lovesick sailors, startled horses, scarred, berserk wayfarers, edgy, weary Eastern European patriarchs as they spread out into the night. And, as moths on strung up sheets, they all swarm in the world of Terra Profonda. They recorded their debut in an old barn in Germany and captured their live sound with overhead microphones. Their new, sophomore release is called For the Sake of the Mountains. They recorded it live as well in a chapel in the hungarian countryside.

Vincenzo Lo Buglio – voc; Krisztián Kiss – koboz, tenor sax, irish bouzouki; Mátyás Szabó – bass, acoustic guitar.

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: www.facebook.com

blues & eastern music
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