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"To the jazz club with Toyen":David Dorůžka & Marek Urbánek:Jiří Levíček Trio

"To the jazz club with Toyen"
David Dorůžka & Marek Urbánek
Jiří Levíček Trio

Wednesday 04/08/2021 from 21:00

Toyen is one of the most original and best-known twentieth-century Czech artists; she also rose to fame in her own lifetime in France, which became her permanent home in 1947. All over the world her distinct oeuvre and fresh attitudes have been attracting ever-growing interest both in her and her work, yet opportunities to see it in its entirety have been scarce. The first stage takes place in Prague’s Waldstein Riding School. The exhibition is conceived chronologically and divided into time-specific parts to mirror key periods of Toyen’s career. It likewise highlights Toyen’s recurring signature themes such as eroticism and alchemy. It also showcases her extensive work in illustration in addition to her paintings and drawings. Importance is also given to Toyen’s crucial collaborations with her friends from the Prague and Paris Surrealist groups ⁠–⁠ painters and poets such as Jindřich Štyrský, Jindřich Heisler, André Breton, Benjamin Péret, Radovan Ivsic, and Annie Le Brun. The exhibition includes a rich accompanying program and one of the points is also a concert in the Jazz Dock.

Two bands will perform during the concert: Jiří Levíček Trio (ft. Luan Goncalves - b, Jakub Tengler - dr) and duo David Dorůžka & Marek Urbánek. During the evening, each line-up will play one longer set and will feature songs and arrangements by popular Toyen musicians: for example, Bud Powell - Wail, T. Monk - Crepuscule with Nellie, Nutty or In Walked Bud, Mal Waldron - Soul Eyes and some songs from the Billie Holiday repertoire.

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

According to the order of the government of the Czech Republic, entry to the concert is limited by valid regulations. We ask each spectator to present a confirmation at the entrance to the club that he/she has been vaccinated, tested negatively (self-test is enough), or that he/she has already contracted Covid-19 in the last 180 days. Another option is to sign a solemn declaration at entry that the person has a valid test certificate. Thank you for your understanding!

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