Tryptych (SK/CZ):JAZZ ON5

Tryptych (SK/CZ)

Wednesday 03/11/2021 from 21:00

Tryptych emerged when bass/synth player Miloš Klápštĕ joined the improvisational Duo Pilot of guitarist Vladimír Mikláš and drummer Dušan Černák. Tryptych uses elements of jazz, progressive rock, noise and ambient in its musical cocktail. The presence of analogue synthesizers creates interesting soundscapes, supported by a lively and sophisticated groove. Their improvisational skills, top-level musicianship, strong themes and unique harmonies could be described as "Dark Fusion". That's Tryptych – a musical journey full of surprise and invention. Tryptych are holders of the Tais Awards 2018 prize in the category "Band". Their long-awaited album Trypoteque is an exciting collection of tracks created in the first creative period of the band.

Admission: seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170. It is not possible to book specific seats for this concert.

According to the order of the government of the Czech Republic, entry to the concert is limited by valid regulations. We ask each spectator to present a confirmation at the entrance to the club that he/she has been vaccinated, tested negatively (self-test is enough), or that he/she has already contracted Covid-19 in the last 180 days. Thank you for your understanding!



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