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Sound names of players belonging to the most talented Czech musicians of the current young generation have joined together in a new progressive project TriPlay. The sound of this group is perceived as an original trans-genre fusion, whose repertoire is mainly composed of original compositions by all members. After studying at prestigious art universities (Kryštof Tomeček - HAMU, Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Jan Uvira - Akademia Muzyczna Katowice, Codarts Rotterdam, Marek Urbánek - HAMU), the members of this trio have established themselves not only as sought-after sidemen alongside prominent Czech and international players, but all of them are also leaders of their own groups.

Kristin Lash & Jacob Grey (SK)

Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey are among the most outstanding young personalities of the Slovak music scene. Through passionate, soulful and emotive vocals, accompanied by vulnerable lyrics, bright harmonies, and massive pop hooks, they have made a name for themselves, making it impossible to ignore.

Ficture (SK)

Gábor Tokár's alter-ego Ficture is a collage of different sound sources, from field noises to analogue synthesizers - everything around us can be part of music. Sound manipulation and resampling of his recordings played a large role in Tokár's debut album Roads to Everywhere, released in 2014. The online magazine Sound Color Vibration described his EP as as soothing as it was unusual. Production company Funkadelphia described the record as both meticulously electronic and surprisingly organic. His most recent EP, Filled Spaces, was released by Audiobulb Records in April 2018, followed by a European tour. During live performances, Ficture simultaneously masters control of acoustic drums, various controllers, synths and other effects, improvising, combining live loops and sampling.

Błoto (PL)

The band Błoto, or Bláto in Czech, came into being by chance, but actually by fate. It all started in the summer of 2018, when the Warsaw sextet EABS was resting between concerts in Brzeg Dolny, Łódź and Sopot. On the way to TriCity, the line-up in the car started to dwindle and only four remained, creating Błoto. After the success of their debut album, the band's further plans were interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. The group, known for their talent for improvisation, then released their second album Kwiatostan in collaboration with Warsaw's Jassmine club back in 2020. The beginning of 2021 and the pandemic situation continued to provide inspiration for the band, and so the third album Mud (Czech for Mud) was created. Also here, as in the previous albums, Błoto works with metaphors close to nature, but this time they went more in depth. A set of improvised beats refers to interpersonal relationships, which are nowadays often extreme, corrosive and explosive. The music is rooted in a brutally hip-hop groove and references 90s music. The strength of their music lies in the drums and bass. Their music captures the atmosphere of the time when the band was formed: a time of climate change, social division, intolerance, rising nationalism, police brutality, political machinations and the breakdown of the legal state structure.

Afterparty Jazz Dock:

Milan André (CA)

Fingerstyle acoustic guitar, atmospheric textures and transparently honest storytelling is what you will experience from Milan André's music. Born and raised in Montréal to a Slovak mother and African American/Cuban father, Milan spent 8 years living in Toronto while getting his bachelors of music degree at Humber College. Since then, Milan has lived a nomadic life. Between 2016 and 2020 Milan has lived in Toronto, London, Bratislava and Prague. In 2020, Milan released a 3 song EP titled 'love&light', produced by Kristofer Harris and Nathanael Graham of the UK. Milan and Harris met twice during the Covid-19 pandemic and together they produced his upcoming album, which will be out in September 2021. The first single titled '500 days' came out April 30th and is available on all digital streaming platforms.


Behind the band Wyfe are Marek Kedzior, Martin Starý and Vladimír Staněk. Marek is a native of Třinec, a lawyer with a creative soul and the owner of a unique voice. Before Wyfe he played in Dorian Gray's Prostitutes and I Like You Hysteric. On bass he is accompanied by Vladimir, whom you may know from Toneless or Holden, where the third member of the band, Martin, was the frontman. After many years of being in other bands, they realized that everyone belongs somewhere else. They switched positions and everything fell into place. The trio also includes a regular guest, Adam Vychodil, who also plays with Lenny and records drums for the boys' album. Black and white music, songs about the search for love and reconciliation against the concrete grey of a post-Soviet country and growing up in an industrial environment. Wyfe is probably the only band that started at 3am in a bar but eventually really started playing. It was born out of the members' intrinsic need to escape from everyday reality to where they feel most comfortable: in song. She took advantage of an emergency quarantine and finished the record in the process.

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