Friday 25/06/2021 from 21:30


Favorite Obsession

Most's Favorite Obsession plays dreamy shoegaze and recently released their sweetly melancholic debut EP Sad Disco. The band consists of Karolína, Jára and Tereza. They got together in 2018, and have since released several DIY singles, with which they've managed to tour most major cities. Their first studio record was produced by Never Sol and the mix and master was done by Amak Golden from the famous Golden Hive Studios, Prague. The tracks feature sounds of past decades with inspiration from the famous Beatles with modern arrangements similar to The xx or Cigarettes After Sex. As one of the youngest bands on the scene, they deliver surprisingly mature intimate confessions of the insecurities of love and growing up.

Alicia Edelweiss (AT)

Alicia is an Austrian-British performer living in Vienna. She started her career at the age of nineteen as a street musician with a guitar. While travelling around Europe in search of freedom, completely penniless, she discovered her passion and talent for music quite early. She settled in Portugal for a time, where she recorded her first EP, I Should Have Been Overproduced. Eventually, however, she decided to return to Vienna and explore new musical avenues. In addition to her solo career, she was also part of the nomadic folk-punk band Old Trees as an accordionist and in 2016 she accompanied the Austrian pop singer Voodoo Jürgens. In the same year, she also released her home-recorded debut album Mother, how could you - a sick tragic comedy in 10 acts. Besides Austria, she has played in Germany, Poland, the UK, Portugal and the Balkans.  In 2018, a documentary film The Sound of Alicia Edelweiss was also made, following her year-long touring career. Her long-awaited first professional album When I'm enlightened, everything will be better was released in September 2019. In songs in the language of poetry, dreams and sagas, she tells her personal stories interwoven with light humour, bittersweet irony and deep sadness.

Afterparty Jazz Dock:


February have been playing since 2015. Their debut, Branching Tracks (2018), reflects their hard work over three years of existence and a wide range of sounds inspired by 90s and contemporary dream pop and post-rock patterns, and has received a lot of positive feedback from the Czech alternative scene. The Ostrava-Prague band released their second album Hyphen War on June 4. Awarded the Moravian-Silesian Jantar Prize for Band of the Year 2018, the foursome combines indie rock songwriting with math rock rhythms, electronics, ambient and krautrock to present their hardest and most sensitive songs to date.

Good Times Only

"Indie-pop with a nod to daydreaming and Czech lyrics," is how the guys from Good Times Only describe their work. After two years of touring together, they released their debut album Pěkný chvíle and together with it a short film about a love triangle on a racetrack with Štěpánka Fingerhutová, Julia Brožová and Šimon Bilina in the main roles, which is divided into two music videos.


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