Valer Miko trio ft. Sisa Feherová

Valer Miko trio ft. Sisa Feherová

Sunday 01/04/2018 od 21:00

Versatile musician and pianist Valér Miko presents his own compositions in a trio. The unity and at the same time variability of the sound offers an interesting vision of the modern concept of a piano trio. The compositions show a romantic-expressive flow, merging classical and jazz styles, with space for spontaneous improvisation, especially in the solos. The trio has been playing live in this line-up since 2014, accompanied by guests: guitar players Ľuboš Brtáň and Pavol Bereza, and recently by Slovak singer Sisa Fehér. Sisa Fehér is a great soul-jazz singer, musician and composer, known for the projects such as Fehero Rocher, Pitchbender, Used To Be A Sofa, MYO Electro Londyn Fusion, and The Spankers (voc; p; b; dr).

Admission: seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

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