Live music returns to the Jazz Dock!

During the concerts, the safe spacing of the visitors will be maintained. Every day, the entire hall will be disinfected with ozone.



Thursday 04/10/2018 od 22:00


Voilà! is a synonym for a high-quality multi-genre music experience: swing, twist, chanson and sometimes even with a touch of hip-hop and reggae. It’s hard to put this band in any box. Five perfectly coordinated musicians that can move seamlessly from one style to another within one song, complimented by the masterful singing of Zdenka Trvalcová, lending the songs an unforgettable atmosphere.  Even before the release of their debut album, Décollage (2014), Voila! received the Czech Penguin award for young promising artists. The album confirmed that the award was fairly received. Especially the song "Flip Flops," which fought its way to the top of Czech Radio 1 and Slovak Radio FM charts and has achieved great success within a wide range of dedicated music fans.

Admission: seats CZK 350, standing CZK 250, Junior with ISIC card CZK 200.

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chanson - pop - twist
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