Vojta Nýdl - "Dítě z větru"

Vojta Nýdl - "Dítě z větru"

Tuesday 13/02/2024 from 20:00

Clarinetist, singer, composer and lyricist, Vojta Nýdl studied clarinet at the Pardubice Conservatory, at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and in Paris at the Conservatoire National Supérieure. He is a founding member of the Clarinet Factory Quartet, which spans genres—and his own original repertoire combines influences of classical, jazz, ethno and electronica. CFQ has released seven albums to date and won numerous awards. In 2008, they were part of the Eternal Seekers project, along with Lenka Dusilová and Beata Hlavenková. Vojta Nýdl is also a member of Afflatus Quintet, Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and PKF – Prague Philharmonia. This deeply personal album is inspired by the story of the premature birth of Vojta's second-born daughter, and Vojta Nýdl appears here in the role of singer, songwriter and lyricist. The opening song "Smířená" took over the Radio 1 chart immediately after the album's release, where it stayed at number one for eight weeks. In the song program, the pianist, composer and singer Beata Hlavenková(the record's music producer), jazz drummer Daniel Šoltis and double bassist Rastislav Uhrík are also featured. "What strikes you on first listen is how delicate, dreamy and listenable the songs are in terms of arrangement. Nýdl's singing itself deserves to be singled out. It is civil, not overwrought, free of showy passages and mannerisms.  But all the more convincing. Nýdl sings with ease not simple melodic lines at all, but above all captures the depth of the lyrics." (Tomáš S. Polívka - lidovky.cz)

Vojta Nýdl – voc, clar; Beata Hlavenková – p; Daniel Šoltis – dr; Miloš Klápště – b.

Admission: CZK 450, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: vojtanydl.cz

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