Workshop Marta Kloučková & Petra Ernyeiová: VOCAL DAYS

Workshop Marta Kloučková & Petra Ernyeiová

Tuesday 17/05/2022 from 14:00

The festival VOCAL DAYS 2022 will also include a singing workshop led by singers Marta Kloučková and Petra Ernyei. They will show all adepts of jazz singing the vocal techniques, approach to improvisation and composition, as well as an overall view of music and its possible forms. In their own words: "We will be happy if we create a mini-project together, which we will present at the festival evening. But don't worry: the evening performance is not a condition of participation in the workshop. In the workshop, you can try different vocal techniques, you can sing solo and ask anything…"

Admission CZK 200.

Workshop participants have FREE admission to the concert stand from 7 pm!

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