Yo Soy Indigo (USA/GB/SWE/CZ/SK)

Yo Soy Indigo (USA/GB/SWE/CZ/SK)

Saturday 18/11/2023 from 22:00

Yo Soy Indigo (freak-folk-jazz) is an international supergroup born from the love and camaraderie of six Prague-based musicians. Vibrant and personal writing, blazing solos, deep lyrical expression, and a good serving of humour in the songs intertwine and unite the distinctive musicianship of all the individual members. “Freak-folk-jazz” is an apt starting place, but it only scratches the surface of the free-flowing genres Yo Soy Indigo moves through on their mission to decrease world suck through amazing music.

The head of Yo Soy Indigo is Emily Thiel: an American vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who delivers a uniquely powerful vocal performance through humble honesty, and a versatile range of vocal colours and characters. Fredrik Janáček, Swedish bass player of the legendary band -123minut, masterfully weaves the inspired thread which holds the group in groove. He plays side by side with renowned versatile drummer Dušan Černák, whose bold, virtuosic playing breathes life into each of the songs. Mark Newson brings an unmistakably colourful, palpable love and warmth with his keys. On melody instruments there are two gems: first is the wildly expressive Czech actor and musician William Valerián on saxophones, whose musical bravery and intuition inspires everyone to play at the next level. And last, but certainly not least, the golden-hearted Adam Pospíšil completes the band with his extraordinary ability to delicately express the nuances of the soul on the violin in one moment, and absolutely shred in the next. Indeed, the individual players are special, but the crystallisation of these brilliant musicians within the common space of Emily Thiel’s music has the distinct power to energise and connect audiences. It is the collective heartfelt magic that creates the honest, exciting, and powerful experience of Yo Soy Indigo.

Emily Thiel – voc,g; Mark Newson – keys; Adam Pospíšil – vl; Fredrik Janáček – b; Dušan Černák – dr; William Valerián – alto and soprano saxophone.

Admission: seating CZK 450, standing CZK 270. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket. 


Band website: www.yosoyindigogo.com

freak – folk – jazz
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