EDA “With or Without Specs?”

EDA “With or Without Specs?”

Tuesday 26/11/2019 od 19:00

Performers: Juwana Jenkins, United Heads and Mucha. You can look forward to great musicianship and compering from Anatol Svahilec.

Juwana Jenkins Soul that’s Motown-inspired, Stax-fired, rock-led and Philly-bred to funky grooves that move your shoes and lift your blues! Juwana Jenkins, an African-American female singer, songwriter and performer from Philadelphia delights and uplifts audiences across the world with her unmistakable soulful lyrics, raw performances and rich delivery of her own original music, as well as classic blues, soul, gospel, and funk-influenced tunes. As a charismatic, highly dynamic vocalist, Juwana has served as a front-woman for bands, most notably, her own backing All-Star Mojo Band. Her much-acclaimed collaboration with noted harmonica player Charlie Slavik, The Blues Keeps You Alive (Charisma Records, 2012), garnered the attention of music critics and earned Jenkins the title of “Blues Queen.” Known for her trademark fiery, feel-good and energetic performances, Juwana embarked on her solo career with the debut single, ‘Long Time.’

United Heads Prague band United Heads became famous in the mid-1990s, for example the legendary hip-hop compilation album Real Acid Juice includes their song ‘Jazzy Da Blue.’ Over the years their style evolved from hip-hop and crossover to an unmistakable dance sound based on the legacy of the 1970s funky-disco scene.

Mucha Nikola Mucha is a unique phenomenon on the Czech music scene. She has been performing since she was 15 years old, sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded by great musicians in the currently posh punk association Mucha. Nikola's comments on life are straightforward, without unnecessary consideration for the listener's sensibilities, her songs are provocative, but never stupid. Mucha has made three albums, the latest to be released this autumn, and at this special concert for EDA we will certainly hear songs from it – described by Nikola as a little more "girly."

Whole evening admission – standing only CZK 250.


Band website: www.eda.cz

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