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Jazz Dock to Kids
Malá čarodějnice – Divadlo Creatio

children’s theatre Saturday 01/04/2023 from 16:00

Admission: 150 CZK, children under 2 years free. Family admission: 1 adult + 2 children, or 2 adults + 1 child: 400 CZK; 2 adults + 2 ...

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Renata Drössler & Jiří Žáček
Album Release Concert

chanson Saturday 01/04/2023 from 19:00

Renata Drössler: “Why do people come back to my shows, why do they keep listening to me? Because I have the same problems as they do ...

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latino & afrocuban music Saturday 01/04/2023 from 22:00

Caribe is an international group focusing on the music of Latin America and Cuba, particularly salsa. The musical core of the group are ...

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Revival Swing Band - Antonín Šilhavý 80 let

dixieland Sunday 02/04/2023 from 16:00

The Revival Swing Band (aka RSB), established in 1979, plays everything from traditional jazz to swing with the evergreen melodies of ...

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The new year of the festival, which presents top international musicians, is in full swing. Currently, you can look forward to the original guitarist Eivind Aarset, the amazing singer Lizz Wright or ...

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