Jazz Dock offers a new stage for the Prague’s music scene. Its newness is not only due to the fact that it is housed in a newly-built modern building, but also for its own, as yet in Prague and most likely in central Europe, non-existent concept. The variability of the indoor and outdoor areas allow more chamber-like concerts to be held for specific audiences, comfortably seated in arm chairs, enjoying the delightful combination of beautiful music, great food and drink, surrounded by the unrepeatable scenery throughout the club. In the case of more lively events visited by a greater number of guests the conventional tables disappear into the background and almost the whole of the floor area of the club is available for guests to listen to music whilst enjoying a glass of their favourite drink, allowing themselves to be taken away by the rhythm of soul, funky and blues...

The acoustic set up in the club allows for something unprecedented in Prague – live music gigs until the morning hours.Frequently during a single evening several excellent bands together with a number of their own as well as guest musicians will change on stage. The club endeavours to provide a diverse selection of genres, vibrancy, classical and new musical styles of jazz and blues, and last but not least to support author playing. An exception in Prague will also be the fact that besides concerts by top local bands, the stage will regularly host leading foreign bands. The pillar of club dramaturgy are several-days concert blocks (Blocks On Docks) of some of the signifiant local or foreign bands and regular festivals focused on a concrete jazz genre, specific country or region alternatively dominant jazz instrument. There will be a regular component of Jazz dock program – Music Cinema – presenting jazz and blues personalities as a documentary or concert record films. There is always a skilful commentary of a choosen topic preceding the production.

Ten meters long futuristic bar full of as traditional and proven drinks and cocktails as specialities and news for anyone with fantasy, together with our kitchen´s delicatessen and efficient staff offers full-value enjoyment not only during musical production. Evening and night-time musical events are complemented by pleasant seating and refreshments and recorded music during the day in spring, and in the summer also in the beautiful surroundings of the outdoor café on the roof of the club.The club is located in the beautiful and romantic environment of the conservation area of old Prague, in the immediate vicinity of Malá Strana and Kampa. It sits directly on the bank of the Vltava below Janáčkovo nábřeží, looking into the windows of the functionalistic Mánes building and glances at an angle at the neo-classic National theatre.

From the visitors point of view the club is aimed at all generations of local and foreign guests, with a tiny wish to convince Praguers that to go and listen to good music regulary is not a bad idea at all!!! Admission taxes are optimised due to this wish, where standard admission fee 150 CZK only to the majority of concerts is oubtlessly Prague exception. Almost a symbolic admission fee of 90 CZK is prepared for juniors (till 25 years) and seniors (from 65 years). For tribal audience has Jazz Dock prepared Jazz Passes (club cards) which are available at the third concert visit (you have to tell your attendance at the door to file 3 presents!) The one who´s armed with this pass has 10 % reduction on admission and honoured consumption.